Whether you’ve followed our mother ship (the original Jamaica My Way ) for eight minutes, eight months or eight years there are three things you KNOW to be true:

1. I love Jamaica.   2.   I love my readers.   3.  I love delivering Jamaica to my readers!

As long as I have two arms, two legs, and a laptop the original Jamaica My Way blog will forever remain the outlet for tales of Jamaican adventure, entertainment, and everyone’s favorite (especially mine!) – Jamaica accommodation reviews.

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  • Access to podcasts, live chat, live coverage, question periods, and ask anything days.
  • Access to a segment about the travel blogger lifestyle.  How it works, how it integrates into real life, how I live as a result of this lifestyle, tips and tricks and hacks of being a travel blogger.
  • And finally, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group separate from the original Jamaica My Way Facebook page.  A lot of live events can happen on Facebook so you know it’ll never be boring in there.


Once you subscribe you’ll never have to remember to check back and see what’s new inside the premium site.  Each week you’ll be reminded about exactly what’s new inside.

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